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OHIO'S RICHEST MAN DIES...... Cincinnati.. August 31, 1900.. David Sinton the richest man in Cincinnati & Ohio, died this evening... at age 93.... He leaves an estate of 20 Million dollars....(In todays money that would be 467 million).... Mr. Sinton was born in Ireland and reared in West Union, Ohio from age 3.... His start in life was as a clerk at a tavern in Sinking Springs, Ohio,, at the age of 14... He received $4 a month plus room & board... Later he went to Hanging Rock iron region with a salary of $400. per year... Here he laid the foundation of his fortune.... He leaves one daughter, Anna (Sinton) Taft.... His deceased parents are buried in West Union, Ohio............ Two things stand out to remember Mr. Sinton by.. One was the old Sinton Hotel in downtown Cincinnati... The other is the famous Taft Museum also located in downtown Cincinnati.. This house was built about 1820 for Martin Baum.. Later it was the residence of Nicholas Longworth... Tradition has it that Mr. Sinton bought this house for his daughter as a wedding present... David Sinton lived in the house with his daughter Anna and son-in-law Charles Phelps Taft.... Anna & Charles lived in this house from 1873 until 1929.... In 1929 they donated the house to the City of Cincinnati,, as a museum, the museum opened November 29, 1932.... The families of the Taft's, Longworth's, Roosevelt's,, were intertwined for many years in politics, business & personal relationships.. It involved 2 Presidents of the Unted States, and a Speaker of the House...... & Alice (Roosevelt) Longworth one of the most influential woman in the country for 8 generations.






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